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The ATS Jr Business University is the first school in the world that pays its students for attending class.

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We provide business training and business consulting to small businesses, millionaires, online marketers, network marketers, authors, ministries, popular keynote speakers, etc. We have helped launch businesses, fundraising events, conferences, marketing campaigns, raise millions of dollars and more. When you work one-on-one with us, you get an entire team ready to make you profitable.

Business Training Online

The ATS Business University is an online training program, making entrepreneurs successful. Each week you will receive live trainings focusing on business, marketing and sales. Your account will grow in value every month as you get new classes every month. Since we also focus on personal development, you will receive three personal development trainings as well.

Professional Speaker Training

The Bureau of Dominate Speakers is the brainchild of Antonio T. Smith Jr. He is passionate about training those who inspire, to become dominate keynote speakers. Trainings are rigorous and require dedication to dominate. We focus on immediately getting you paid engagements and working on the power of your keynotes and workshops.

We Make High Achievers Achieve More

We have helped real estate investors triple their revenue. We’ve trained thousands of computer programmers. We have millionaire and billionaire students and train government officials. In ATS, no one starts too small and no one is too big.

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Customize your framework to match your small business processes using the step-by-step guides, practices, and trade secrets of millionaires who actively work in your field.
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    Developing an effective strategy

    Learn how to take your Customer Acquisition Cost to historic all-time lows.

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    Millionaire development process

    Take the world’s first 90-Day business incubator and learn the guaranteed steps necessary to build a million dollar business system in your industry and perfect it within 90 days.

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    Automated coaching and mentoring

    With a library with over 8,000 business, sales, marketing, economical, financial and personal development courses and classes that grow every single month, you have the world’s largest millionaire making database as a video-on-demand library.

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We are the only online business training program with up to 9 live trainings a week. Learn sales techniques, marketing trends, overall business tips as well as personal...
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      ``His Books Are Legit...``
      ``I have nothing to gain by saying that Antonio is the real deal. His books are legit and if his words don’t bring you to tears of inspirational ferocity, you might need to check yourself. You couldn’t find a better, more genuine human being on the planet if you searched for years.``

      Jason Smith


      ``...I knew I met someone with an extraordinary gift.``
      ``When I met Antonio T. Smith, Jr. I knew I met someone with an extraordinary gift. What amazed me is Antonio's drive. Based on his circumstances, his violent beginnings, and unsettled childhood, Antonio had every reason to remain Stuck, but somehow, in spite of his circumstances, Antonio is a man on a mission, who is Hungry for success.``

      Les Brown

      World's Greatest Motivation Speaker

      Thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Antonio, solving problems on the fly and learning how to leverage the time I have. Very powerful ??

      I appreciate it!

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