The Top 8 Reasons Why You Aren’t Winning

If you think your life sucks, it probably does. If you think people aren’t giving you a break, they probably aren’t. If you feel as if you will never be rich, you are probably right.

Why? Your mind is that powerful. It will manifest your dominate thoughts into reality, whether you like it or not. Your life is only the sum total of your thoughts, and if you are not winning, your thoughts suck.

You are the reason you are not winning. You and only you. I am going to help you with this, but for now, you need to fully accept the fact that your losses are yours to own and yours to reap. I have come up with the top eight reasons why you aren’t winning. There are many more reasons, but from my experiences, these are the main reasons. They are as follows:

1. You are playing to play not playing to win.

I see this one the most. Most people are just cruising through life with no purpose or plan, they are just catching the waves because waves are relaxing and cool to catch. While this sounds exhilarating, it is not, it is a waste of energy. Of course, riding the waves is not a bad thing to do, but if you are a mechanic and your lifestyle depends on your ability to dominate your craft, why do you spend more time with a surfboard than a monkey wrench? This is just simple logic but most people don’t use this simple logic.

You are not winning because you aren’t playing to win. When you don’t play to win, you only perform averagely, and average performances don’t win games, and life is a big game and you are the captain of the team. So, why are you acting like a bench player? Why are you so lazy? Why are you moving without a purpose? Why are you not even operating in your gifts? Just because you love the water and the waves don’t mean you are supposed to be at the beach? Does your income come from surfing? Are your gifts transferable to the sport of surfing? Be the best at what you do, give your best at what you do, or keep being the reason you are losing.

2. You Keep Looking At The Negatives.

If you don’t have what it takes to look into the world of the unknown, which is the imaginary world you want to build, and then pull that world into the physical reality, you will keep losing. Winners are able to look past the things they don’t want and live inside of their heads. When they do this, they visualize the world they want and then make the proper decisions to bring those visions into reality.

If you are still alive, life is not done with you. For whatever reason, you still have something to do and something to give, but you will never be able to give the world what it needs from you while looking at the wrong things. Your vision will determine where you travel. I tell the people who work for me and my clients every chance that I get, “Your body has never traveled where your mind has not told it where to go.” It is simple really if you are physically in poverty, your mind went there first. If you are in riches, your mind went there first. You will only go where you are looking. Stop looking at the negatives and pull the positives into your reality.

3. You Keep Hanging With People You Don’t Like Or Trust

Tyrese Gibson, a famous actor, and music artist is probably one of the wisest people on YouTube. I invite you to search him and listen to some of his motivational videos. There is one that contains the following quote:

“How easy and how convenient is it for us to blame everything and everybody for the things we’ve got going on in our lives. There isn’t such thing as you being a positive and a great person with the best of intentions towards everybody and shit is rough and you just can’t get a break. But most of you, most of you, are waking up every day, looking for pain, dysfunction, drama, unemployment, being broke, struggling, dropping every excuse in the book about your childhood and the problems and dysfunction that you grew up in that’s stopping you from becoming successful. You don’t like your friends, so why you still f…. with them, you don’t trust your managers, agents, and lawyers so why are they still there. Do you really expect your life and career to be any different, from messing with the same things, people and situations …that is all I’m saying.”

As long as you hang with these types of people, you will never get what you want. You cannot get the desires of your heart when you are always mad at the people around you. That is wasted energy. Fighting them or fighting to impress them will leave you with no energy to work on your dreams because you have spent all day working on your relationships or defending yourself. Get rid of these type of people. If they are family or anything you hold sacred, then limit your time with them.

4. You Lack Follow Through

The outcome of your life and your career is based on the choices you have made. And most people choose to have poor follow-through skills. You will never get a good harvest with a bad follow-through trait. It is a choice. You are either committed to success or committed to failure, but you do not have commitment issues. You are a commitment genius. You are just not committed to the things that serve you properly.

Get your stuff together and stick with it. Commit to it. Then crush it! Don’t stop until it has been crushed. Don’t halfway do it. Kill it. Dominate it. The outcome of your life and your career is based on the choices you have made. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make winning work for you.

5. You Lie To Yourself And Believe That Crap

The truth is, you don’t want to win. You can fool yourself all you want, but you can’t fool a winner. We see you and we see right through you. Your words are pretty when you come up with a clever excuse for why you didn’t get the job done, but winning has a special kind harvest and your harvest isn’t special at all. Excuses sound best to the people who are making them up. There are no such things as circumstances. If you don’t see the circumstances you want, then get focused and create the circumstances you need to win. No one feels sorry for you, they only pretend to do so. People like you are actually happy that you have problems because they don’t want you to be better than them. So they will convince you that your excuses are valid so you can be just like them: losing losers who pretend to be winning.

Everything in your life is negative and you keep pretending that it is not. And since you won’t ever seen things for what they are, you can never manipulate things for what they can be. Here is a very simple truth of life: anything you can account for you can control. Since you won’t account for your actual situation, you cannot control it. That is why your life is uncontrollable because you haven’t accounted for anything within it.

6. You Want Instant Gratification

There is a dirty word that is associated with winning, and that word is called “work”. Work is a word no one wants to do, but you cannot win without it. Since no one today wants to put in the work, no one can get the gratification that comes with a job-well-done that hard work yields. So, what is the logical next best thing? Talking about the work you are about to do. How do you talk about the work with are going to do in the 21st century? You post about it on social media. What happens when you post about it? People like or retweet your “intentions” and you get gratification from your intentions. What happens when you get gratification from your intentions, you no longer need to get the gratification from the results. You have cut the results of our the equation and you can only get results from work. So, you don’t put in the work. You just talk about it because that is the cheapest and easiest way to get the gratification we humans need to receive.

This is why you see so many people on social media talking a big game, but going nowhere and doing nothing All they want is gratification and social media has allowed for you to get instant gratification, without doing the work. This is a major problem plaguing losers, and they don’t even understand they are caught in this cycle.

7. You Wake Up Looking For Pain And Problems

Then there is the problem of our expectancy of trash. Many people wake up with the expectation to hate their jobs, hate their homes, hate their cars, hate their lives, hate their countries, and hate anything that crosses their path. You hating your job is not normal, it is just common. It is common because most people do not have a high enough level of awareness to start winning.

Don’t wake up expecting dysfunction. Dysfunction is not worthy of you and you don’t have to allow it in your reality. You are looking for pain and drama. You actually brag about it and have brag-off competitions about who has had the worse childhood. You keep coming up with every excuse in the world for why you are not winning.

8. Your Subconscious Is Killing You

The reason you don’t get the things you desire is that everything you think or say is edited through your subconscious. This is something I call the “one-two-three” system. It is only called this because I haven’t come up with a cool name to call it. I probably won’t come up with it because I don’t feel like it. I just understand it and I will now share this knowledge with you.

All of your thoughts, the things you hear, and the things you see are filtered through your subconscious and come out edited through three different areas.

1. The story you tell yourself and others.
2. Limiting Beliefs.
3. Judgments and your fear of reactions.

This means, when you say you want a million dollars, you filter this statement through one, two, and three. If you always tell yourself that you will be broke, you can never manifest this reality. If you are afraid of how you will act or change when you get this financial amount, you will never get this goal.

You will only get out of life who you are, not what you want. Who you are will always manifest itself into your reality. Whatever you have in your life at this very moment, is what you are. The good news is that you can change who you are by reading this writing, and many others like it. The work is not impossible, but it will take work.
You can Plant Better, you can Dominate.
Antonio T. Smith, Jr

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