ATS has 4 Main Missions.


To Create 100,000 Millionaires Through Education And Technology.


To Create Top Income Earners From People Who Don’t Know Much About Sales Or Don’t Like Sales.


To End World Hunger


To End The Student Loan Debt Crisis

For years, Antonio T. Smith Jr. has been a leader’s leader. From surviving homelessness and abandonment as a child, to serving in the United States Army, starting his own record label, becoming a pastor, international speaker, corporate trainer, coach, and entrepreneur, Antonio knows how to lead, how to dominate and how to win.

Now after carefully building a team of other dominators, the ATS Jr. Companies is showing the good, the bad, and everything in between. Inside our network you will learn how we work together, how we got to this point and how we inspire others to dominate.

The ATS Community seeks prosperity in all areas of life. This prosperity is not just about money but an entire lifestyle. Prosperity must be applied in all areas of life, not just some.

We believe you deserve to have it all and we are here to help you build the life that is worthy of you. Antonio is an expert in business, marketing, sales, and how to have a worthy life. Now accompanied with his entire team, you will not find another company who is committed to helping you dominate and plant better in your life and business.

We are the #1 Millionaire-Making platform in the world with more than 9 trainings a week. Learn sales techniques, marketing trends, overall business tips as well as personal development, every single week with the entire ATS Jr. Companies Team. Plus get access to our network partners and lead your business to profits you deserve.

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