4 Reasons Why You Should Make A Lot Of Freaking Money

I know the following to be both true and painful. Sorry.

  • Because The System Doesn’t Give One Damn About You:
    • That is right. I said it. They don’t care about you, even if you are white, you aren’t as far ahead of the curve as you may have been taught to believe. Capitalism is here and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the number one thing capitalism needs to survive is hard-working middle-class people to plug into the system. Here is some more reasons why they don’t give a damn about you.
    • You are a woman and you have the right to march but don’t have the right to get equal pay if you work for someone else.
    • You are young and there are no real leaders anymore.
    • The poor don’t pay taxes, the rich don’t pay any taxes, so you my friend, Mr or Mrs. Middle-Class dude or dudette, are the backbone of your government’s economy.
    • This is all about free labor, again! All world powers became world powers by two labor forces: child labor and slave labor. That’s it. You won’t find any other reason. Since the modern world made slavery illegal, free labor has been ruined by the dominant culture. Therefore, they lost it. And, then they figured out how to get free labor, again, from the prison systems and now make over $100K per jail cell. So, if you don’t want to work well out here, it is okay, you will look very good as an asset to someone else in prison.
  • You are a giver:
    • Giving is great and proper, but you give so much that you work in someone’s dreams more than you get to work on your own.
  • Your Kids Can’t Inherient Jobs:
    • Nope.
    • No Way!
    • Stop disagreeing with me.
    • Do you really want your kids to grow up hating their jobs like you hate your own?
    • Truthfully, this is what happens to so many different people. This is what happens to the world. It is more than likely this is what happened to you.
    • Because you are so much nicer when you have some extra money.
  • It Cost Way Too Much Money Just To Struggle:
    • Have you ever noticed that it cost about $20/hr just to feel like you are struggling? Anything less than that is super struggling. This system is so stingy with financial education, that if you aren’t willing to spend your money buying books or moving attending seminars, you will more than likely continue to struggle until you can afford these things
    • Taxes – the more you make, the more you owe. We all know this one sucks.

You can Plant Better, you can Dominate.
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Antonio overcame abandonment, homelessness and brokenness, Antonio had to learn at age six how to use his mind to climb out of sleeping in a dumpster. He would spend his entire childhood homeless, was adopted when he was 14, and aged out of CPS custody at 18 years old. This Galveston, TX native has been through more in his 30+ years than most will ever experience. He has developed a “plant better” attitude, in which he teaches people to plant better seeds in order to have a better life, and has developed coaching tools, programs, courses and books designed to help the world succeed. Today, he makes profitable clients more profitable

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